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Massage tables from SENA collection are designed for face and body treatments. Functionally they are two-part, the upper part can be raised to an angle of 45º. The structural parts are made of steamed beech wood, a front of natural veneer. Finishing consists of acrylic coatings. The mattress is made of two layers of foam. The lower layer consists of 35gr high resistance foam, top layer consist of flexible M50 memory foam.

The mattress is completely independent, coated with a soft cotton cloth, which is easy to maintain. Oval hole for the face is designed to provide maximum comfort while avoiding a frontal pressure. As addition to massage table, we have created a dresser and step in same style.

As table height is adjustable from 60 to 90cm.

Step can be used when the bed is in the highest position.

Dimensions of the mattress are 200cmx80cm.

The model can be adapted to the dimensions of the available space.

Beauty and simplicity are core values of our product.